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EF is a compound function in Model 1, created by the combined activity of Te->Fi or "Te in service to Fi." EF has the same general attitudes as Fe (E+F), but is coming from Te-Fi's metabolism. EF is the sub-primary function of the TeSi and TeNi types and is present in all Gamma and Delta types.


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The EF compound is produced when Te's causality-focus, as a Je function, is put towards understanding how individual essences are revered or betrayed based on the overall structure of society. The Te type becomes the protector of personal essence, advocating for its right to autonomy, independence and to exist freely as whatever it must. What results is a universal system of social organization which nonetheless place as its implicit focus the autonomy of individual essences. This differs from Fe which, although also promoting an overall social elevation, places individuals in subservience to a higher authority and respects individual sovereignty only insofar as that's conducive towards a collective transformation towards that ideal. Fe's also disinclined to let people be whatever they will, but instead sees personal transformation, and reshaping towards that social ideal, as a necessary component of that social evolution. EF, on the other hand, is at root individualistic and puts in place collective protocols only to the extent that they help promote the liberty of those individuals.

Behavioral Differences between EF and Fe

The following are behaviors commonly manifested by Te in service to Fi.

EF: White-Knighting Animate Essences

When the EF user activates Te->Fi together, we see considerable logistical power put in service to Fi's recognition of the poor condition of living essences. While Fi on its own is chiefly focused on blossoming into reality according to its own inner voice and morality, it lacks the capacity to defend itself against the onslaught of the world, which would threaten to trample it down; caging it away from living in pure personal attunement. The Te function comes to Fi's defense, becoming its primary advocate, as a white knight and sentinel, shielding it from anything that would threaten its sovereignty. In practice, this can lead to the procurement of real estate and capital to create a metaphorical or literal fortress around the central flower, or to legislative campaigning to ensure policies support that free expression. The EF compound can be directed towards a single precious soul or towards an entire cherished demographic, but in either case the focus is on elevating the living conditions of those agents. EF's attention does not necessarily extend equally to all people, as certain demographics may fall outside of the Fi-Te user's favor. Who is to be defended becomes a matter of private conviction, which varies according to each EF type's idiosyncratic Fi compass.

EF: Utilitarianism


EF: Pending