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EN is a compound function in Model 1, created by the combined activity of Se->Ni or "Se in service to Ni." EN has the same general attitudes as Ne (E+N), but is coming from Se-Ni's metabolism. EN is the sub-primary function of the SeFi and SeTi types and is present in all Beta and Gamma types.


See also: Inter-Function Dynamics (Model 1)

The EN compound is produced when Se's exploration, as a Pe function, is directed towards exploring the web of Ni intently and in real-time. What results is a real-time exploration and journey through the associative environmental landscape of Ni, while nonetheless always following Ni's isomorphic trendlines, rather than spontaneously and indiscriminately diverging paths the way Ne does. As such, Se's exploration into Ni's territory will be convergent, rather than divergent. Additionally, as Se explores Ni, it does so with the same intense amplification that it directs towards all of its endeavors, delving deeper into a linear association chain, rather than spreading itself thinner. This exploration commonly leads to sensing inevitabilities or premonitions at play, born from Ni, and which stand in contrast to the open future often sensed by Ne.

Behavioral Differences between EN and Ne

The following are behaviors commonly manifested by Se in service to Ni.

EN: Convergent Association Exploration

When the EN user activates Se->Ni together, what results is a thirst for exploration (Pe) that happens within a mysterious, pre-existing Ni space. Like walking into a cave, or peering "behind the curtain," the Ni territory is seen as a dimension of the universe that is awaiting discovery. The EN user may sense that this Ni space is real and accessible in a trans-temporal sense. And this experimentation will be motivated to poke and pry the domain, to learn more about it while the existence of the space, and its isomorphic nature, always remains implicitly accepted. Se navigates the isomorphic trendlines of Ni like railroads which lead them inescapably towards convergent conclusions about their present reality within a wider cosmic pattern. This can lead to an interest in things like astrology, tarot and divination, as ways to try and access the core patterns underlying reality. A sense may exist that reality is geometrically divine, harmonious and beautiful -- and this mysterious geometry permeates everything with its structure. It then becomes the quest of the EN type to uncover how it is that this mysterious geometry is operating through their personal lives, either by the convergence of numbers, dates or events, in rhythmic harmony to some eternal shape or symbol.

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