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ES is a compound function in Model 1, created by the combined activity of Ne->Si or "Ne in service to Si." ES has the same general attitudes as Se (E+S), but is coming from Ne-Si's metabolism. ES is the sub-primary function of the NeFi and NeTi types and is present in all Alpha and Delta types.


See also: Inter-Function Dynamics (Model 1)

The ES compound is produced when Ne's exploration, as a Pe function, is directed towards correlating a series of Si recalls in real-time. What results is an environmental savviness which is nonetheless coming from the rapid access of prior Si catalogs, rather than a truly real-time intake of the uniquely vivid moment. When Ne directs its attention to the navigation of Si's information recall, the Ne user will be able to navigate discrete information in real-time, but only within the bounds of what has already been mapped by Si. For example, Ne->Si may lead to an excellent athletic navigation of reality, which requires real-time adaptability (Pe), using the rapid recall from Si to output the moves of the game. However, this dynamic navigation will tend to recycle the moves already known, and respond to the moves already cataloged, rather than meet the present moment as a completely fresh situation with a generalized approach.

Behavioral Differences between ES and Se

The following are behaviors commonly manifested by Ne in service to Si.

ES: Real-Time Anecdotal Recall


ES: (pending)


ES: (pending)