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The following is an overview of the four function quadrants.


Alpha types are those with Ti-Fe & Ne-Si as their oscillation pairs. In the four alpha types we find a special sense of humor which invites social participation and calls upon culturally known (and “safe”) memes. And since humor relies heavily on the unexpected, the more Si-heavy alpha types can manifest as being cliché and unoriginal in their socialization style. But if Ne is engaged creatively they may be great hosts and entertainers, surprising guests with their off-the-wall commentary. The alpha types will try hard to create harmony and will be quick to see solutions for social arrangements. They will be optimistic about avenues for connection, diplomacy and peace.

On the flip side, these continued efforts to gain and maintain a positive social opinion may be overdone, raising suspicions of neediness and lack of personal identity. They may become social doormats, keeping their hands full with the troubles of others and the obligations they put themselves into. Their receptiveness to alternate ideas may backfire and cause them to listen too eagerly to information, especially if it comes from sources predetermined to be accurate.

But this quadrant does have a special countermeasure to these shortcomings in their philosophical edge. In their best form, the alpha quadrant’s ideas will be constructed from axiomatic logic as it pertains to human nature; specifically coordinated at an improved societal architecture. They may be the idealists which remind the rest of society that collective opinions create the limitations we perceive as so unmovable.


Auras: Unprepared, Earthy, Homey

The energy of alpha types will have a feeling of incompleteness to it, even when they assert matters with confidence. They will lack the final layer of polish – the wax coating – that Betas and Gammas so often have. This, combined with their desire to be shepherding at times results in a casual parental energy. Alphas, with their technical speech and history-referencing advice, create an aura that is informative but also earthy. Many may lead rather humble lives and develop an affinity for familiarity and community. Others may also make a habit of giving this parental advice and can appear naggy and repetitive. Their sense of diplomacy may add to them an equalizer quality, both socially and conceptually, as they strive for universal etho-logical convergence.

For conducting alphas, their energy carries an element of stability and dependability. There is an appreciation for the time-tested and a level of respect for past lessons learned. For a man, we may sense a jolly lumberjack vibe: a brawny, earthy laborer. For a woman, the equivalent may be a stay-home mother aura or that of an elementary school teacher. And on top of this base aura will be a playful and silly energy which invites a level of acceptable spontaneity.

For revising alphas, this unprepared energy will augment itself further into an aura that is speculative, open-ended and philosophical. The philosophical element of revising alphas, when prominent, will have crossover with the parental element of alphas and create a ragged professor. There can be a sort of historian or librarian energy to alphas, especially when the worldview function is strong. If instead the explorer energy is more emphasized, the alpha will be childish and quite malleable both socially and conceptually.

Ti+Ne: The Armchair Philosopher

This type is the armchair philosopher. He who loves questions for question’s sake. A disconnected speculator of everything, which likes to use a combination of language and mental object manipulation to churn out different hypothetical scenarios and arrangements; aiming to arrive by this activity closer to some universal axioms of life or the nature of the universe. But maybe just as well doing it for the joy of mental exploration. Can be artistically inclined, often creating fantastical creatures or stories. Quite absentminded and impractical.

Samples: – Matthew Gray Gubler – Adam Savage – Lawrence Krauss – Jason Brammer – Arin Crumley

Ti+Si: The Scholar

This type is the scholar; a thinker who thinks in very historical terms and develops a view of the world that is chronological, coherent, and cohesive. Usually experts on a few personal topics, they will have a very nuanced understanding of their subject matter that goes far beyond the typical definitions and into subsets of their own interpretations and philosophies. For them, conclusions are only the end trails of a long ancestry of Ti data-sorting. And so to explain any one point, the scholar often walks you through the entire deductive pathway, as a narrative. Prone to be dry.. TL;DR …but feeling that sharing anything less than the whole background material would make the conclusion less useful to others. Unlike the Ti+Ne types whose knowledge relies a bit more on pure deduction and “a priori”, their conclusions and philosophies are only supported through an elaborate material database and lead to very earthy, grounded answers… but answers one wouldn’t normally come to without going through such meticulous care.

Samples: – Noam Chomsky – Lynn Hoag – David Abram – Mark Kessell

Si+Fe: The Eternal Parent

This type is inclined toward the parental; to discovering things about the world and sharing their learning through guidance/council/storytelling/coaching. They see the world as a journey in which we meet others and learn from others. Share in their pain, and give/take back. Participating in that emotional economy. Often interested in anthropology, and the customs of other cultures and people. Having an affinity for the little idiosyncrasies of those traditions and enjoying participating in the “community” sense offered by that established set of roles. Passing wisdom on to children. Seeing the unbroken timeline between the past and present.

Samples: – Thomas Moore – Alain DeBotton – John Francis – Tony Robins – Tom Cruise

Ne+Fe: The Social Clown

This type is charismatic, charming, funny and sociable. They would be suave except they’re a little too goofy to be suave, but it comes out charming nonetheless. Affable, generally using humor to grease the wheels between different personalities; prone to use themselves as the clown in the process. But also passionate, motivated to “do” and to make something that others can enjoy and partake in. Humanitarian at heart, and compassionate towards groups of people. Wanting to use the power of optimism and courage to inspire others.

Samples: – Terry Crews – Dwayne Johnson – Michael Strahan – Jim Carrey


Beta types are those with Ti-Fe & Se-Ni as their oscillation pairs. Beta types often develop as smoothtalkers and persuaders. From the articulate and empathic FeNi, to the hypnotic NiFe, to the affable SeTi and the cool geek TiSe, we are drawn to their tailored presentation and confident aura. In their best form, their cultural know-how can lead to the creation of social cohesion, community, stability and equality. Like with alpha types, a strong sense of brotherhood/sisterhood may flourish and invite involvement between people of all demographics. But this acceptance won’t always come free. There may be peace and order but only in the confines of a certain paradigm which may carry superfluous restrictions and misconceptions about human nature.

A type of sectism can quickly develop and an us-vs-them mentality stretches its root. When this hostility is at its worst, we will find opportunistic social and emotional exploitation, shaming, oppresive social hierarchies, bullying and misleading visions from oracle figures. But this stubbornness can find a source of relief in a feeling of cosmic embrace. When Ti and Ni collaborate to create an all-inclusive principle, sensitive to the empathy shared by all conscious beings, then the beta quadrant recovers its generosity and leniency.

A sense of aesthetic will permeate the quadrant which aims for simple elegance and function. These types will often make an art of sensation, creating luxurious displays and channels for stimulation. An insatiable gravitation toward richness of experience will ebb across all four of these types and sometimes clash with the moderation suggested by their ethical code.


Auras: Prepared, Polished, Cunning

Independent of any specific situation, the energy of beta types will carry a baseline air of premeditation and confidence. A level of surety accompanies their demeanor and a relaxation which makes the body somewhat nonchalant or slightly more aloof. They will carry themselves with a certain level of density, and move in linear – rather than scattered – ways. Rarely will a beta type appear fully baffled or disoriented by a situation. And when the beta type does experience confusion, it will more commonly manifest as frustration and impatience with a situation that feels needlessly convoluted.

Betas will also have a somatic aura, with a keen sense of presence. The word gritty encapsulates a variation of beta which focuses on the tactile and competitive duality of Se+Fe, leading them to be motivated by various forms of contact. Another variation of beta can be described as angsty. This variation is defined by a directive Fe in chronic opposition to some element of the human world, conjoined with an Ni worldview which may offer a rather bleak estimation of the possibility for solutions. In better circumstances, betas will have a playful and zesty energy which riffs off the present in a vibrant way, causing them to have a charming aura and infectious spirit.

Ti+Se: The Analytical Sensationalist

This type is the analytical sensationalist. The calculated risk taker who likes to push himself to the edge. They will usually be very attune to their body, the sensory reality around them and the potential for more stimulating experiences through that channel. They love understanding the world for its detailed complexity and may enjoy mastering kinesthetic arts such as choreography, dance, martial arts, DJ, tatto artistry, music, etc. Usually have a great sense of aesthetic, symmetry, trends and ergonomics. Talented at discovering the most universal impacts of an experience, and tailoring their craft over time to capitalize on that knowledge.

Samples: – Tony Hawk – Paul Rodriguez – Ryan Scheckler – Tiger Woods – Travis Barker

Ti+Ni: The Alchemist

Intellectual, but often within mystical subject matters. These types aim to take the hazy world of intuition, and the phenomenology of the self, and bring it into illumination with Ti. Psychoanalysts. This function combination produces the epitome of the “alchemist” as not only one who understands and appreciates the universal/human, but who makes it a kind of “science of the mind”. Appreciating the thematic and panoramic just as much as the precise and clear. Aiming to clarify the very subtle relationships between observable patterns of phenomenological experience, and the natural world’s orderings.

Samples: – Carl Jung – Friedrich Nietzche – Michael Pierce

Ni+Fe: The Guru

Sage-like, these are the mentors and counselors of the world. Having an innate comprehension of the human drama/condition, combined with a type of universal intuition about where the “answers” to that “condition” appear to be… this type easily positions itself as a Guide. Whether deliberately or accidentally. Often hypnotic in their energy, alluring and able to make you comfortable in their presence. Tending toward concepts of universal acceptance, being ethical to your fellow man, but also freeing oneself of self-shame, letting the mind release worries and enter the stillness of Ni. Can be somewhat superstitious, believing in karma, law of attraction, universal consciousness, synchronicity, and other ideas with somewhat panpsychic undertones.

Samples: – Oprah Winfrey – Morgan Freeman – Mandy Patinkin – Drew Canole – Nichol Bradford

Fe+Se: The Persona-Sensitive Sensationalist

The persona-sensitive sensationalists. Masters of social “game” and highly aware of how their comportment affects their ability to navigate that territory. These types often carry an aura of confidence about them and may treat social endeavors as power dynamics, often with the aim of rising to the top. Self-controlled, often disciplined with their physique, their craft and overall behavior. Able to put in hours in order to achieve results. But just as much loving the play, the rush and simple enjoyments of life. Having a thirst for life, lived to its fullest and most burning hues.

Samples: – Tyrese Gibson – Eminem – Will Smith – Bruce Lee – Shemar Moore


Gamma types are those with Fi-Te & Se-Ni as their oscillation pairs. The four gamma types share an opposite orientation toward society and culture. While the alpha and beta types advocate a culture with a decent degree of uniformity, the gamma quadrant aims to meet the outer world with an objective approach and the inner world with a subjective approach. Logistics manage the necessities of life while individuality is cherished and preserved – even though they may not always agree among themselves.

Themes of philanthropy span across this quadrant and their absence of social protocols and obligations is answered with a heartfelt concern for incapable or less fortunate people. Especially in high Fi types, there will be a strong agency for the underdog. While the beta quadrant is susceptible to throwing some under the bus of social condemnation, the gamma quadrant will be passionate about reducing this type of inequality. On the other hand, gamma types will generally expect for people to remain self-sufficient once they can stand on their two feet and will have little sympathy for those who cannot make a success of their life after being given a fair start.

In its worst form, the gamma quadrant can develop a highly utilitarian mindset which feels self-justified in its success and indifferent toward the weak. They may become materialistic and vain, exalting beauty and individualistic perfection.


Auras: Chic, Royal, Erotic

The gamma types have an energy that is simultaneously independent but pronounced or emotionally highlighted. When Se and Fi are the favored functions, the gamma will have the feeling of deep reds and violets. Added to this, there is a polish to their face and energy which gives them poise and in some cases sensuality. Unlike the Betas, this polish doesn’t come from suave presentations or timely articulation. It instead emerges from their emotional independence, giving them a somewhat self-contained and aloof presence. Whether the gamma type is aiming to elicit this sensuality intentionally or not, a level of erotic radiation will emanate from them unbidden. This happens due to their continually seeping Fi energy, which is visible on their face in a very honest and undiluted way. Gammas may feel simultaneously emotionally present, obvious and exhibited, while being private, shielded and very selective – like a beautiful rose kept behind a glass container.

As a result of this aura of forbidden beauty, gamma types may have an air of royalty about them; that of a prince or princess. To the degree that they keep themselves private and emotionally suspended from the world, they will inadvertently create a social dynamic where their emotional openness and involvement with others represents a type of privilege.

Fi+Se: The Sensual Individualist

This type is private, individualistic, aesthetically minded and sensational. Somewhat nymph-like. Often having an aloof yet alluring quality, like a rose behind glass. They can be haughty, and stand up for what they feel are intrusions on the sacredness of personhood, either their own or that of other animals or human beings. Artistic, often privy to contemporary culture like the Ti+Se types. They’ll thirst for a degree of stimulation and exploration of experiences.

Samples: – Marilyn Monroe – Janet Jackson – Lorde – Michael Jackson – Prince

Fi+Ni: The Avant Garde

Individual, ethereal and hypnotic. Similar to the Fi+Se types, but less connected to “reality” and more thematic or avant-garde in their art and self-expression. Often oriented toward archetypal aesthetics. Embodying the muse. Can be esoteric; psychic. In less extreme iterations also spiritual drawn toward a kind of animism belief, valuing nature and the life principle in all things. Advocating an expansion of our awareness of what is alive, and what is conscious. May swerve into certain beliefs like synchronicity, astrology, panpsychism, etc.

Samples: – Kate Bush – Bjork – Jane Goodall – Elvis Presley

Ni+Te: The Deadpan

This is the deadpan. Often seen by others as cold/aloof and militant. They hold a panoramic view of “process operations” and can identify inefficiencies in the conceptual or practical expression of systems. Thus also often effective and efficient in anything they pursue. And prone to pursue business enterprises with success. Can be political and often in a critical way. They won’t mince their words. No bullshit. But also not necessarily ill-willed. Just direct and honest in ways few other types are. Cutting right to the core of a matter and addressing what isn’t achieving outcomes.

Samples: – The White Rose – Zinnia Jones – Donald Trump – Aubrey Plaza – Hilary Clinton

Te+Se: The Bulldozer

Articulate, often avalanching forward in their speech with fervor and power. Very snippy, to the point of being overbearing – often even to themselves. Opinionated. Militant. Outcome-oriented, driven personality. Little tolerance for irrelevancies. Can tend to be impatient, not waiting to listen. Productive, business-minded, capitalistic. Lazzie-faire. A bit hedonistic at times, or at least unafraid to explore the sensational unapologetically according to their personal Fi values.

Samples: – Charlie Sheen – Camile Paglia – Martin Shkreil – Rosie O’Donnell – Josh Constine


Delta types are those with Fi-Te & Ne-Si as their oscillation pairs. We have seen that among all delta types run themes of quirkiness and nerdiness. Whether it’s in the form of the eccentric nerd, the walking encyclopedia, the unsocial yet sensitive seelie, the tinkering collector, or the fantastical entrepreneur – all share the qualities of independence and off-beat spontaneity. They are imaginative but not always to any conventional means. They are efficient and productive but also quite scattered and roundabout; expending energies in novel directions with signs of promise or resonance with deep personal conviction.

Like the alpha types, deltas will have a higher level of leniency toward human failure and weakness. They will aspire to create an arrangement that allows for privacy, freedom and functional support. At their best, delta types will be keenly sensitive to the most ethically sound position, however obscure or unconventional, and find novel ways to organize their life to suit that ethical sense. They may also pioneer a new field of study, trailblazing into uncharted territory with the empiricism and mentality of a researcher and the heart of a child.

In their worst form, their nerdiness can manifest a rather autistic persona and mechanically-minded detachment from people. A father may be an expert at tennis, with halls of trophies in his house and a CEO position, but have an aloofness toward his children; a lacking parental touch. The emotionally oblivious delta type can remedy this by turning their attention within. A connection with their own private world is necessary for this quadrant to avoid the desensitizing steel of capitalism and allow for a convergence of life and work.


Auras: Gnomish, Fantastical, Bureaucratic

The delta types have a variety of energies which manifest from different developments. On one hand, their energies may be militant, bureaucratic and business-like. One the other, they can be dreamy, forlorn and whimsical. In most cases they’re at least a little bit quirky, and share a certain aura of eccentric practicality and historical affinity.

If the delta is proactive, they will often be quick witted and clever. Like gamma types, they will retain a degree of distance between themselves and others, but their energy isn’t so much poised as it is elusive or flighty – like a butterfly who plays with you, but which you can’t quite catch. As they drift from topic to topic they leave a sparkly trail behind which others may find magical. Yet, their fantastical energy can also appear tragic, as they radiate a raw emotional atmosphere which can be as merry as it can be pained.

Conducting deltas can also take well to logistical positions and practicality. For these types, their energy will be a bit uppity and responsible, like the old librarian lady who asks you to keep it to a whisper. Or the strict inspector who leaves out no detail in the report. Here, their Fi particularity translates over into logistical particularity. Notwithstanding this aura, even conductor deltas will carry a somewhat humorous or witty edge to them, which accompanies their every word and gesture.

Fi+Ne: The Fairy

This type is the epitome of the Fi fairy archetype, and the most like the typical INF description. Very dreamy, with head in the clouds. Child-like and a bit magical. Usually artistic, sensitive, ephemeral and highly receptive to ideas and to the hearts of others. Prone to love experimenting with their own identity and making a somewhat eccentric artpiece of themselves. Colorful. Sing-songy. Whimsical. Almost always seelie, but can also be very private. Very curious. They are deeply affected by the world, but are ever-guarded underneath.

Samples: – Evanna Lynch – Florence Welch – Regina Spektor – Aurora Aksnes – Linda Liukas

Fi+Si: The Gnome

Fi+Si (SiTe-Fi, FiNe-Si)

This is a very nostalgic, gnomish, and seelie sensitive type. Not having the spunk or energy of the Ne+Fi types, they are more mellow and slow-paced but every bit as disarming in their composure. People of this type appear a little odd, often making unusual but forgivably innocent facial expressions and having a soft, whispery voice along with a grandpa aura. They may enjoy hiking, painting, bird watching, nature walks and other earthy activities which call deeply upon private resonances.

Samples: – Mark Rylance – George Bush – Ben Carson

Si+Te: The Lawyer/Bureaucrat

This type is the epitome of the pragmatic logistics expert. Very intrigued by how causalities work, and quick to discover how to steer logistics in any given direction. Efficient, economical, often political and dutiful. Cautious with radical changes, preferring incremental refinements. Although often seen as uptight, they have their quirky side which comes out in a witty (often knee-jerk) sense of humor. Can be very loyal and supportive (usually financially) to those they care for, and for causes they believe in.

Samples: – Mitt Romney – Brian Williams – John Kerry – Elizabeth May – Ted Cruz

Te+Ne: The Nerd & Scientist

This type is the innovative but scattered entrepreneur. They have a powerhouse of creative + logistical energy. They’re funny, having a fast pace sense of humor and off-the-wall commentary. They’re usually always juggling multiple interests (often nerdy/science-y), and tend to perform well in all of them. Busybodies. Can be found in just about any profession. From researcher, to biologist, to economist, to artist, to dancer, to physicist, to vlogger. Multitaskers. But can also be scatterbrained and miss things. Prone to make many logistical miss-steps as their Ne upsets the structure of their Te.

Samples: – Eesha Khare – Vanessa Woods – Stephen Colbert – Phillip DeFranco – Conan O’Brien