List of Vultology Series (Model 1)

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Archive: This page is an article that has been imported from Model 1 as an archive. It may contain outdated information and perspectives which are not compatible with the current model. To read more information on this incompatibility visit this page.
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A vultology series refers to a video course describing elements of vultology and their associated psychological meanings. This page is a list of vultology series from Model 1, created and broadcasted by J.E. Sandoval. Please note that celebrity typings found in these videos may not be represent of the current model. These videos are provided here for the purpose of archival recording.

2013 Series: Larin

Number List of Videos
1 Cognitive Type Premiere
2 NiFe Video
3 SeFi Video
4 TiNe Video
5 FiNe Video
6 NeTi Video
7 TeNi Video

2016 Series: Resources

Number List of Videos
1 Resources: TeSi Raw Footage
2 Resources: FeSi Raw Footage
3 Resources: FiSe Raw Footage
4 Resources: TiSe Raw Footage
5 Resources: NeFi Raw Footage
6 Resources: SeFi Raw Footage
7 Resources: NiFe Raw Footage
8 Resources: SiTe Raw Footage
9 Resources: FeNi Raw Footage
10 Resources: NeTi Raw Footage
11 Resources: TiNe Raw Footage
12 Resources: FiNe Raw Footage
13 Resources: NiTe Raw Footage
14 Resources: SeTi Raw Footage
15 Resources: TeNi Raw Footage
16 Resources: SiFe Raw Footage

2017 Series: Qualitative Slideshows

Number List of Videos
1 NeFi Qualitative Slideshow
2 TiNe Qualitative Slideshow
3 FeNi Qualitative Slideshow
4 NeTi Qualitative Slideshow
5 FiNe Qualitative Slideshow
6 NiTe Qualitative Slideshow

2019 Series: Vultology Code

Number List of Videos
1 CTVC Fi Signals
2 CTVC Ti Signals
3 CTVC Fe Signals
4 CTVC Te Signals
5 CTVC Si Signals
6 CTVC Ni Signals
7 CTVC Ne Signals
8 CTVC Se Signals

2020 Series: Vultology Tutorials

Number List of Videos
1 Vultology Tutorial: Judgment & Perception
2 Vultology Tutorial: Je Signals
3 Vultology Tutorial: Ji Signals
4 Vultology Tutorial: Pi Signals
5 Vultology Tutorial: Pe Signals
6 Vultology Tutorial: Fi Signals
7 Vultology Tutorial: Ti Signals
8 Vultology Tutorial: Fe Signals
9 Vultology Tutorial: Te Signals
10 Vultology Tutorial: Ni & Si Signals
11 Vultology Tutorial: Ne & Se Signals