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This is a behavioral profile of the Pe-lead with a double-extroverted development (I-I-), possessing conscious Pe and Je, as well as unconscious Ji and Pi.


As an Pe I-I- you are an Explorer with an Articulation development, meaning there are two complementary aspects that most define your psyche: one of a passionate creative, and the other of a fervent achiever. Neither of these aspects can be omitted from your psyche without strong detriment to your vitality, purpose and sense of thriving. You are both insatiably curious and also very ambitious, craving personal expansion through your firsthand exposure of new experiences and interests. While others tend to hold themselves back from the world, you rarely flinch from it and instead have a talent for grasping opportunities right as they manifest themselves. You are a go-getter, a productive powerhouse and it’s imperative to you that your life has both a fresh creative flow as well as achievement of goals along the way.

As a creative, you’re known for experimenting in various artistic areas and have a reputation as a connoisseur. However, although you dabble in many fields, you’re far from frivolous in your pursuits. You may have a wide assortment of interests that you weave in and out of, but you’re also capable of sticking to one thing long enough to see it followed through to the end. At each moment you know just what you want, and you go after it headlong. You have a high-functioning, executive mind and can manage people and situations well when called upon. Yet your mind is constantly geared towards dynamic, creative expression and your qualities as a “doer” are most gratifying when they can help you embody an artistic expression through your life as a totality. There’s a desire in you not only to explore but to also make an impact, to create a measurable stir with your art-forms and change the world in some meaningful way.

However, having this twofold energetic drive also comes with many drawbacks and blindsides. You’re often in too much of a mental or physical hurry to slow down and are prone to becoming impatient when life or other people are not moving fast enough. You may be pressed by questions about whether your creative pursuits are a form of internal self-distraction, but you may not always allow yourself to sink into these questions long enough to feel their full weight. If not careful, you can quickly slip into mania, where you don’t know how to stop yourself and need to keep moving and producing at all costs. You may develop a reputation for being overwhelming or hard to keep up with. Your mind is “a lot” to handle, and it’s challenging to moderate your frantic stream of ideas in all situations. Since your mind is very decompressed it often comes out filter-less, as a direct mental relay. This can make you extremely honest, and perhaps too honest, with your inner world and experiences. Your speech can come out haphazardly when you bounce around thoughts faster than you can revise them. Yet as a whole you make up for these difficulties with your proliferation and rapid prototyping. When ever something doesn’t come out perfectly, you simply try again and try better, thus every attempt still serves your higher purpose of attaining a truer form of self-expression.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, your pragmatic energy will be directed towards building your own permanent “home.” You enjoy the thought of being a provider, and have a hidden yearning to personally craft the ideal family and place where you know that you belong. Behind all your hard work and labor, there exists this desire to build up resources in order to secure that ideal life. And you may feel it is only a matter of time before that place manifests in your life, as you have an unshakeable patience and endurance towards attaining that which you most cherish.