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This is a behavioral profile of the Ji-lead with a standard development (I---), possessing conscious Ji and unconscious Pe, Pi and Je.


As a Ji I— you are a Compass type, inescapably compelled to withdraw your energies from the world and into an interior realm of private contemplation. You exist always with a level of removal from the physical sphere. Vivid engagement with your environment can become a challenge, as you’ll tend to watch reality from a safe mental distance. This clear division between the “outer” world and the “inner” world will make you all the more covetous of yourself when the outer world demands of your attention, energies and time. The outside may feel as though it is seeking to pull you in multiple directions, stretching you thin through the agendas of bigger bodies and personalities. This will prompt a need to resist the forces of society for the sake of preserving your own essence and opinions. Retaining your own mental autonomy will be very important to you, as you will passionately repel any attempt by others to define you or tell you what to think or what is true. Finding out what is “true” in the highest sense will represent a life-long aspiration and obsession for you. You’ll analyze reality meticulously, seeking to answer fundamental questions of purpose and the nature of the universe.

By reflecting on the essential nature of reality, you have an intrinsic sense of what the answers may be and pursue those promising paths with unshakeable focus. This will inescapably lead you to develop very niche ideas and beliefs, which are shared by very few others in their entirety. The subtleties that make one case misaligned and not another is a matter of very delicate accuracy; an accuracy that your mind is constantly aiming to attain and perfect. In all areas of life, you’ll tend to be picky about your opinions; paving your own way and arriving to your own conclusions even if they’re taboo and lead to your excommunication. Thus, there is an isolationist tendency in your behavior, as your own trail-blazing leads you ever deeper into a smaller niche.

Yet despite the rigor with which you treat your ideas, at core you are very much a free spirit and are quite opposed to rigid structures in all other domains of life. You’re always curious about many topics and you’ll often venture into information rabbit holes, losing all sense of time along the way. Indeed, your exploration of information and universal answers is punctuated by an infinite patience, an eternal open-endedness and no sense of closure. And this luxury of time is present in all your personal projects, since you’ll feel perfection can never be rushed.

If you are a creator, you will take your time with your writings, songs or crafts – making sure each work is as representative as possible of the ineffable idea that exists in your mind. This inescapably makes you slower than others at most tasks, as you invest extra in a precision which others are much freer to cut short for the sake of practicality. You are not the most practical creature, and your values for authenticity, transparency, independence and precision are at odds with a mechanical world that values results, bottom-lines, efficiency and economy. You’re not the most industrial personality, and making a living represents a powerful challenge to you since working outside of your very particular passions will feel like a suffocation and a sin to your essence. Still, you may be comfortable with this side-effect if it means standing for what you value as being true. And although you may always have more questions than answers, you will stand rigidly and stubbornly by the answers that you do have.

Yet, the art of persuading others towards your particular answers, comes to be your Achille’s heel. Despite these countless hours spent on contemplating fundamental questions, your insights stay largely trapped within your mind as you lack a vehicle through which to share it with others. This disconnect produces a fantasy and longing in you to make an enormous difference in the world through the actionable integration of truth-principles. A yearning will exist to see the implementation of the truths and dreams in your mind. This cause will be poignant, pure, absolutely all-encompassing and idealistic – proportional to how far removed the world feels from it presently. World peace, the transformation of humanity towards sustainable forms of living, the evolution of consciousness to untold heights; these types of ideas will preoccupy your daydreams and yearnings. But your imaginations will beat terrible odds with your own practical means, as you’ll do nowhere near enough to advance these causes forward in the world. Your own temperament remains faint, soft and internalized too much from the big executive world and how it forces solutions to take place.