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The following is a description of the mythology of Ni.

Ni Mythical Elements

The anthropomorphic form of Ni is known as Vin, which is described more completely in this page. Vin is a psychological archetype which appears in the form of a Senex with incredible powers. In mythology he is often represented as a shaman, a seer or witch-doctor. At other times he is depicted as a third-eye in the center of the forehead, a crystal orb, a falcon, a crow or a raven. The primary feature of Vin is panoramic sight, which can pierce the present, past, future as well as across the dimensions of the dead and living. The avian metaphor aptly captures this attribute, as prey birds are known for their keen perception and field of view. And in some mythologies, Ni is depicted as a head containing dozens of eyes facing in all directions. The shaman is also able to communicate with the spiritual world, inform you as to your calling and guide you towards your destiny. Those enraptured by the spirit of Vin will undergo a pilgrimage driven by a search for an awakening or enlightenment. And this inquisition will take them across a diversity of esoteric domains, religious avenues, rituals and an apprenticeship under shamanic figures further along in this very question.

Light: Cosmic Consciousness

When the myth of Vin is fully realized, the Ni user awakens to the reality that all separateness is an illusion both in themselves and in all aspects of existence. They will enter a meditative flow-state where their consciousness –which is usually narrow, bounded and restricted– opens up widely, lovingly and indiscriminately to the whole universe. The psychic barrier which artificially contains the ego away from all else is eradicated, allowing an acceptance of all existence just as it is here and now. In this state, all paradoxes and dualities vanishes into a greater unity. Matter and Spirit cease to be different substances, and a comprehension permeates that the laws of the universe aren’t separate in origin or form to all that exists within it. Energy is matter which is atoms which is life which is consciousness which is spirit and none of it can be subtracted from the rest; all are the same essence –transmuted. Impermanent in specific form but permanent in essence. The universe will be felt as being ultimately made of an evolving consciousness and one becomes a participant of that dynamic, cosmic consciousness. One ceases to be an “I” and instead becomes a temporary vessel through which the universe is made aware of its own existence. An intense feeling of bliss and rapture may seep over them, and often a feeling of contact with God.

Dark: Mediums & False Prophets

But the Ni user may also abuse their powers when the myth of Vin completely overtakes them and convinces them that they are a supernaturally gifted channel and bridge between this world and the unseen world. They may take up a post in society as a guru or medium, claiming to have clairvoyant abilities, to perform séances and to cast magic spells. The Ni user possesses no such abilities, but instead has highly aggrandized the scope of their intuition in their mind; fully supplanting the sensory for the extrasensory. If not careful, the Ni user may slip into a sort of insanity where they are no longer able to discern their own imaginations from reality. In extreme cases, the Ni user –lost in the echo chamber of their mind– comes to believe they hold a level of divinity and a holy message to gift to the world. They may appear to the public as a messianic figure and fashion a cult around their superstitions. Indeed, no type is more highly represented among cult leaders than they.